Kyoko and Sayaka

Today I received my very much anticipated Kyoko and Sayaka nendoroids from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

I was super psyched to get these, especially Kyoko as she is my favorite character from the show.

Sayaka is adorable. Coming with a happy faceplate, Goodsmile does a great job at showing her happy side.

Kyoko is an amazing nendoroid! I love her so much! I love how it comes with the fish bread and a piece of pocky to really show she loves to eat. She also comes with one bent leg most likely meant for one particular scene. But overall I love it.

A fight between nendoroids.

Overall I really do enjoy having these nendoroids and I intend to collect the magical girl and casual Madoka Magica nendoroids!

The girls need to learn to get along.


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